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InnoGear AD006 300ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier


★ Multi-function 5 in 1 aromatherapy diffuser, humidifier, air purifier, ionizer and 7 colorful LED night light.

★ Larger Capacity and Stronger Mist: It holds 300ml of water and runs for hours without needing a refill. It produces a more visible mist and stronger fragrance that covers up to 269sq ft.

★ 2 Mist and 4 Timer Options: Strong/weak mist; 1Hr/ 3Hr/ 6Hr/ ON timer (last for 9-10 hours in weak mist mode).

★ Auto Shut-Off: Whisper-quiet (25db). Set the timer and the diffuser will shut down automatically after the chosen time is over and when water runs out. Note: The power adapter is packed in the water tank, please lift up the diffuser cap to find it.

★ Easy to Refill and Clean: Unlike other diffusers with lids that are way too hard to grasp and open, this one can be simply lift up to refill and clean.


Product Description

Note: The power adapter is packed in the water tank, please lift up the diffuser cap to find it.

Large Tank Content: 300 ml
7 colorful LED light, set it either fade gradually through all of the colors or constantly light on any specific color you like the most. The diffuser and the light are turned on separately. You can choose to one or the other, or both function at the same time.
Press the mist button for 2 seconds to switch between the strong and weak mist
Auto waterless shut off: when the water runs out, the diffuser shuts off automatically for safety insurance.
Keep essential oil 100% natural without burning or heating.

Weight: 15.6 oz
Dimesion: 6.7(D)*6.7(D)*5.7(H)
Material: Upper parts PP
Capacity of water tank: About 300ml
Noise Level: less than 25 dB
Input Power: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ
Most advanced ultrasonic technology: 2.4MHz

Package Contents:
1 x Aroma Diffuser
1 x Wall Charger
1 x Measuring Cup for Filling Water
1 x User Manual
*45 Days Money Back and 18 Months Warranty
Note: Oil is not included in this package


Does this add enough moisture to a bedroom?

We have a large bedroom and this works great. I turn it on an hour before going to bed and can tell a difference walking into the room.
By LSH on October 31, 2015

Is there a way to run this without the light? if i wanted a nightlight or lamp i would buy one. i want something to help me breathe at night.

Yes, there are two buttons. The one on the left controls color (or light off). The right button is 1-3-9hr-off. So just press the right button.
By FraterMus on April 25, 2016

I know this sounds like a dumb question but with the multi-function buttons, how do you turn this off? I got the light off but not the diffuser.

When going through the whole rotation doesn't turn the diffuser off I have had to unplug the power. Usually when I press the diffuser button the fourth time the diffusing stops.
By Donna on January 8, 2017

Can citrus oils be used in this?

If the oil is an essential oil or essential oil blend, then yes, it can be used in this diffused. Ex: I prefer to use doTerra essential oils and have used the Breathe respiratory oil bend in this machine. A citrus oil blend or their holiday oil blend (mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, etc. oils) could also be used to success. The oil drops are added after the water is added inside the diffuser.By Rachel E. Dewey on April 26, 2017

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4.8 / 5

5 thoughts on “InnoGear AD006 300ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Good Customer Service

    I purchased 2 different diffusers, one for work and one for home. This was the more expensive one. I loved this one when I first purchased it but only worked for a short time and then totally quit. I don’t think it ran more than a total of 20 times.
    After I posted my disappointment with the product, the customer service department contacted me and offered me a full refund. I am giving the product 4 stars because they were great with solving the problem

  2. Babyzaftig says:

    Beautiful, effective diffuser with good customer service!

    This diffuser is my favorite of all the ones I have purchased over the past year since I fell in love with diffusing oils. Its shape is sleek, its colors varied to fit whatever mood I’m in, and its size big enough to be long-lasting and effective in a large room. I especially like using it during the dry, cold winter months when the air is stripped of all all its moisture. I use it as a nightlight as well, which becomes especially practical when the daylight is so brief during the winter season. Furthermore, InnoGear’s customer service is excellent. I ran into a problem with my first purchase, and they quickly and without hassle remedied the issue to my satisfaction. An unequivocal thumbs up from me!

  3. Jane says:

    I absolutely love it. It works very well

    I just got this essential oil diffuser yesterday and have used it for two days. I absolutely love it. It works very well. The colors of the nightlight are very nice! It pushed out a lot of air. I use essential oils in the water and the smell is wonderful. I use this one in my large bedroom and it keeps the room smelling wonderful. One thing I will say is that the instructions are kind of funny. They’re in English, but I can tell you it sure wasn’t written by someone whose first language is English. A quick example of a few sentences are……

    Keep product straighten, remove the cover vertical direction.

    Please use the measure cup (not included in the package) to supply water. ********By the way.. the measurING cup DOES come with it.

    If you do not use it for a long time, please drain out the water from tank water, dry and then keep it well.

    There is no company name on the “Aroma Diffuser User manual” and the box it came in was a plain brown box with a small white sticker that says Innogear 300 ml New

    But, I’m happy with it so far!

  4. Dina says:

    Best one ever!

    What an amazing little devise!! This is my second essential oil diffuser, and im loving it even more over the other one (it’s by pure spa) which I have purchased here on amazon several months ago.
    I love everything about this diffuser! The design, the way it changes lights, very pleasant soft light colors btw! And you can’t beat the 300 ml tank capacity! I was specifically looking for a larger tank capacity so that the diffuser could work all day/all night without having to be refilled. I also love that it works as a humidifier, a nice bonus if you are living in SoCal and have super dry air especially during winter season! I love this one so much, im buying another one like this for my master bedroom (this one stays in living room) and will get more to give away as presents during holidays to loved ones.

  5. Susan Dimichino says:

    starsWorks great! Looks great!

    Love this diffuser! On the low mist setting this diffuser lasts about 12 hrs. The scent stays pretty consistent and doesn’t diminish over time. No complaints here!


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