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InnoGear MT-045 Waterproof Solar Light Motion Sensor Detector Wall Sconces (White)

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★ InnoGear® solar powered wall sconces security lights step lights, 32 super-bright LED generating 400 lumens of light. Waterproof IP65 and heatproof

★ Auto on at dusk, off at sunrise.3 Intelligent Modes: 1. Steady On 2. Auto On when motion detected / Off when no motion 3. Auto On when motion detected / Dim when no motion

★ Easy installation: simply mount on the wall with included screws.

★ Built-in with 2x 2200mAh 18650 batteries. Up to 10 hours of continuous lighting under a full charge.

★ Great outdoor security night light for wall, patio, garden, porch, lawn, pathway, stairway, driveway, etc.


Product Description


This modern LED solar stair light is fantastic for lighting, decorating and marking. It can be easily mounted either vertically or flatly on staircases, paths, gardens, mailboxes, decks, docks and fences. The battery enables the light to run up to 8 hours through the night and recharge automatically during the day. The monocrystalline silicon solar panel is able to gather solar energy even on overcast days. You don’t need to do anything because the light itself will turn on at night and off during the day. These LEDs are more durable than conventional glass light bulbs and are more efficient.

3 Modes

Model 1: The solar will turn on automatically at night. The light brightness will just be half as induction function.
Model 2: human body induction + power saving mode (dim light) function. When people go through the light sensing area, the light will be b. And the light will turn to dim after people leave the induction area.
Model 3: human body induction function. When people go through the sendoring area, the light will be b. And the light will turn off after people leave the indcution area.


Light Color: White
LED Power: 3.5W
Lumen: 400
Battery: 3.7V/2200mAH
Product Dimension: 7.87*4.92*2.95 in
Net Weight: 12 oz
Waterproof grade: IP65

Package Includes

1 x Solar Powered LED Light
6 x Screw Set
2 x 18650 Rechargable Batteries
1 x User Manual


Does anyone have the light mounted on the north side of their home?

I have on on the south and one east, they both do well t
When there is plenty of sunshine. I believe as long as you get good sunlight you will be ok

I hav these lights set at B,so they sud get bright from dim with motion but I see keep getting bright-dim all night without any motion in range?

mine do also, but work better if the things are clean. if they don't come on clean the solar cell. works good.

what are the modes in settings?I had no papers inside boxsettings say C, B, A off

A= light will turn on automatically at night
B= light comes on at low power (maybe 40% brightness)@ night, when there is movement in the area it goes to 100% brightness, then goes back to 40% after 10 seconds
C= only works with motion sensor, 100% and then back off.

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5.0 / 5

2 thoughts on “InnoGear MT-045 Waterproof Solar Light Motion Sensor Detector Wall Sconces (White)”

  1. Nate says:

    Great Product For Such a Reasonable Price
    We needed some more light in our backyard and I didn’t want to go through the hassle of all he electrical work required to hook up a new light fixture on the outside of the house, so I did a little looking around on Amazon at solar powered options. I decided to give this InnoGear light a shot.

    I decided to give it a shot based on the favorable reviews and from what the product looked like, as this light is basically what I pictured in my head. Now, the (very terribly) photoshopped pictures of the light that are on the product page do not inspire confidence, but some of the other reviewers’ pictures of the light actually at work are much better.

    The light works better than expected. Its bright and the motion sensor works very well. The setup was a breeze. And the added screw template for where to drill is a nice added bonus which made hanging the light as simple as possible. As for the solar panel, it seems very efficient. The rear of my house, where the light is hung, is west facing so it is really only catching direct sunlight in the afternoon/evening. Will the light stay on for 6 straight hours on the sunlight that it receives? I don’t know. I have it set to the motion sensor mode so that my dogs are able to see in the backyard at night. And for that purpose, it is perfect.

    Highly recommended.

  2. sarah says:

    Blinding Beauty
    I’m here because my mother’s lawn guy asked her about some small solar motion lights that I put in around her yard (the black for LED units that are very popular ) and I told her about this unit that I have. My light came with two 18650 batteries installed. I was so delighted to see that this unit included these big rechargeable batteries already. That is a huge savings.

    The unit is so bright it will light up your yard then shine across the street to your neighbors house if u shine it their way. I have not mounted mine so I am able to sit it anywhere and see anything. I’ve used it indoors and outdoors. It is not like the hand sized black 4 LED units. It is the greatest Solar light I have ever owned. It is blinding. I have a black version that I bought from a different seller here on Amazon. The bad thing about the white is that when it lights up it lights up the plastic body, it’s like the whole unit lights up too almost like it’s translucent. The good thing about it is that you can use the super strong magnets that you can find here on Amazon that are the size of watch batteries, tape these batteries to the back of the unit and mount this thing anywhere, like on the garage door, on the refrigerator door or the front door of your house. They are so much fun. Don’t buy any other light if you want the brightest light possible.


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