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InnoGear One Remote Call Button Wireless Caregiver Personal Pager Nurse Call Alert – 590 ft. Range-Red



★ 1 remote with 2 call button is available now, search ASIN B00MNCRFFQ to find more.
★ You will no longer have to yell to get someone's attention at home or at the office.
★ The Wireless Personal Pager allows you to page someone up to 500 feet away with the touch of a button in open area. (Indoor effective range is less than 500 feet)
★ Ideal for the elderly, handicapped, or sick to page their caregiver. Also good for massage therapists. The perfect answer to knowing for sure when the client is ready without waiting too long to enter the room or not giving them enough time before knocking.
★ The transmitter can be worn around the neck or carried in a pocket. Simply pressing a button on the transmitter will cause the receiver to beep.


Product Description

1 remote with 2 call button is available now, search ASIN B00MNCRFFQ to find more.

InnoGear receiver has three signal options, including light signals for users with limited hearing.

A. alarm only

B. light only.

C. light and alarm.


1. Melody sounds for selection.

2. Low battery indication.

3. Emergency alarm for the elderly

4. The disabled / patients care alert

5. Pregnant women / confinement care alert

6. Wake up alarm

7. Children care alert.

8. 16 digital codes are built in to ensure that another unit being operated close-by will not cause interference or false alarms.

9. The wireless, easy mounting design does not damage wall and allows portable use of the receiver, as well as the transmitter.

Package Included

1. Remote Receiver *1

2. Call Button *1

3. User Manual


How long is the battery life?

We have used for at least two months batteries are good
By Jack Rose on April 27, 2015

How do you get it to stop playing without using the transmitter???!!!! When I hit the sounds button and the melody will keep playing indefinitely.

If you hit the volume button the alarm on the device turns off. Tested it repeatedly. This inexpensive alarm system works very well for my elderly Mom and her caregivers. Woke me despite my hearing loss when Mom needed my attention and allowed me anxiety free sleep.
By Gardening Girl on February 19, 2015


Actually it is aaa instead of aa
By Mei X. on August 8, 2014

If you get two sets, can both call buttons be set to alert both receivers at same time?

Yes. You can set the button to work with multiple receivers. Use the same procedure to set both receivers to the button. I think it is hold down the middle button of the receiver and press the red button. repeat for both receivers. See instruction manual for exact procedure of sync-ing to receiver.
By Amazon Customer on December 10, 2015

What are the measurements of the receiver? Is it small enough for a pocket?

This was purchased for a friend so I do not have the measurements but I do remember having this discussion about placing the receiver in a pocket. The receiver was designed to be placed on a table. It would not easily fit in a standard sized pocket.
By Dale Washlake on April 19, 2017

Can a person who have limited muscle strength press the call button with no problem?

I work with people with have physical challenges. The button is between quarter to half dollar size. If it were lying on a flat surface, they would have no problem applying enough pressure with their finger/hand. If it is hanging around their neck: as long as they are able to bring their hand to their chest it shouldn't be a problem
By valkdaddy on June 1, 2016

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4.8 / 5

4 thoughts on “InnoGear One Remote Call Button Wireless Caregiver Personal Pager Nurse Call Alert – 590 ft. Range-Red”

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    Product arrived on time and works perfectly as a way got my husband to let me know when he needs assistance. The product is very easy to use and has a great range of distance. It’s worked perfectly for us.

  2. MIKE says:

    Simple to use and very effective. Adjustable volume and sounds. Just what I needed for my 92 yr old mother in law.
    I can hear her anywhere in my 4000 sq ft home. She feels safer and I dont have to worry that she is calling me and I dont hear her. I just ordered two more so I can leave the base in other areas of the house and not take it with me although it can be turned up very loud. Great find!

  3. MyHobby says:

    We bought this for my Dad who has a hospital bed in his bedroom. His wife’s bedroom is down the hall and he was afraid she would not hear him call for her in the middle of the night. After reading all the reviews I decided on this one. They are not very technical at all and if it is too much of a pain my Dad will not use it. I thought this was perfect for him. It arrived on time and was nicely packaged. I followed the instructions and found it was easy to program. I was a little hesitant about that after reading the other reviews. I showed them how to use it and let them pick the ringtone. My Dad said he feels safer now because he knows he can be heard if he needs something. I also tested it outside away from the house to see if it would work. It worked great about 20 ft away from his room and down the driveway. His home health nurse could not believe how well it worked and said she will recommend this to her other patients. We are happy with this purchase that keeps my Dad safe and gives his care givers some freedom to be outside.

  4. Ermelinda Gonzalez says:

    Omg, this is far the best product I’ve bought do far.. I can be anywhere in my house and ones you press the remote everyone hears the call box from a mile away. I have it in the middle of the house and in loud so if an emergency occurs a d were outside them anyone can hear the call box. It just beeps very loud… I’m very happy I found this for my mom…

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