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InnoGear Under Cabinet Lighting Counter Closet Light Warm White Motion Sensor Detector Magnetic Stick-on Tap Lights Battery Powered, Pack of 2

3 Reviews

★ Warm White 10 LEDs - Creates an atmosphere of relaxation and produces welcome home feeling

★ Light Sensor+ Motion Activated - Activates in the dark with motion nearby detected; Automatically shuts off after 15 seconds prolonging battery life.

★ Easy Installation - Peel and stick; Adhesive tape with built-in magnet is easily attached to and detachable from the lamp.

★ Sleek and Stylish Design - Looks great anywhere in your home. Perfect for closet cabinets, counters.

★ Battery Operated - Powered by 4Pcs AAA batteries ( not included).


Product Description

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen without costing you an arm and a leg? Try installing our under cabinet lighting. Not only does this give the feeling that you hired professional help, it can dramatically change the way your kitchen looks as well. You can use them to make any space/room in your house brighter such as closet cabinets, counters, pantry, garages, utility rooms, and bathrooms. Add drama to any space by using them as backlights. Each individual under cabinet panel has 10 bright LED lights. It gives you a brighter space while using less electricity.

You can use the magnetic back or a 3M double sided tape if the lighting is only to be used temporarily. Versatile and efficient, panels can easily be concealed even on slim lipped under cabinet sections.


Material: Aluminum & ABS
LED type: SMD 2835
LED Qty: 10 LED
LED life: about 80,000 hours
Luminous flux: 23-25LM
Color temperature: 3000K
Working voltage: 6V
Light color: Warm White
Sensing range: within 4 meters
Sensing angle: within 120 degree

Package Content:

2*InnoGear® 10 LED Motion Sensing Closet Drawer Light

Notice: Battries are not included.


What are the dimensions for this?

1 3/8 x 7 1/2
By Troy on September 5, 2016

How many batteries does each light take?

4 AAA. These under cabinet led lights are great. I use recharble batteries,
By Dave Popiel on December 26, 2016





5.0 / 5

3 thoughts on “InnoGear Under Cabinet Lighting Counter Closet Light Warm White Motion Sensor Detector Magnetic Stick-on Tap Lights Battery Powered, Pack of 2”

  1. Tami A. Miller says:

    LOVE the soft yellow light & versatility!

    I purchased these under cabinet light thinking I could turn them off and on but realized when I received that they only come on in the dark AND are motion activated. These are awsome for under our stairway railings at night time and along our floorboard by back door just to give a little extra l ight. What I am most impressed with is the light color- usually these type of lights are the harsh bluish white of LED but these are a softer, golden color. I am definitely buying more of these!

  2. Lillian M says:

    Very bright. Just peel and press no tools needed.

    These are bright lights. You can put these whereever you need lights and you don’t have a receptable.
    These do use 4 AAA batteries not included. Just wanted to note that.
    They come with a peel and stick backing. Just peel the paper off and press. Woohoo no tools needed.
    You could put them under cabinets in cabinets, and closets.
    Where ever you need a light. You can install these.
    They come in a set of two. They are made to be long and slender.
    I do have to say I was amazed how bright these were. I do not see having a problem seeing with these. Yes they are that bright.
    I can remember when lights used to be dim when you were using batteries. But not anymore. Especially not with these.
    I do want to say you just push the end over to install the batteries. It just slides to open. Took me a few minutes to figure that out…lol
    These have motion sensors so trying to find a button or switch to turn them on. But it does have to be really dark for these to come on.
    With that being said. These are very bright lights.
    Thanks for reading my review and have a great day.

  3. Jessica Moore says:

    My kids love their new motion sensor cabinet lights

    My kids love their new motion sensor cabinet lights. Even though they have gotten older they hate the dark. They are constantly leaving the lights on in the bathroom. I put the motion sensor light in the bathroom and now maybe my electricity bill will be lower since they do not have to have the light on. The light is underneath the cabinet over the toliet. They do say that the light is very bright and they can see the toliet great. The light can sensor you from about five foot away or so. The light does need to have 4 AAA batteries which are not included. Since there are two lights that is 8 AAA batteries in all. The light is great for more than just in the bathroom. My son loves to read his novels so he uses one of the lights as a bed side light. When he is do with it he puts the light in the drawer. The lights come with sticky backs to place on your wall or cabinet without having to use screws or nails. You should try for yourself to see if you will enjoy as much as my kids have.


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